Important information for schools using SIMS

Patch 23611. An error has been identified with the reporting of religions of non-Catholic pupils. Please click here for further information.

F1014 - pupils without a religion. If you get error F1014 when creating and validating click here for further information.

Online Support Helpdesk

During the support period schools can contact the helpdesk by these methods:

  • raise a support ticket on the online helpdesk. The online helpdesk also contains an extensive knowledgebase and is the preferred method
  • telephone: 020 7901 1909 (9:30 – 16:00 Monday to Friday)
  • telephone or email diocesan census representatives, who are able to assist with common support questions

Census 2018 Support Timetable

The CES Census starts on 16th January 2018 in Wales and 18th January in England. Schools can complete and submit their returns during the support period which runs from the start date until Friday 9th February.


Schools and colleges should complete the return during the support period.

More information

Submitting your return

When you have completed your Census, submit the file here.

If you have not received the login id and password, contact the Census helpdesk.


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